WoW Legacy has been founded in the beginning of 2009 on Terokkar (EU).

Although we are an english speaking guild we have members from all over Europe, also among our active raiders are teenagers as well as raiders with kids even grandkids. Atmosphere in guild is mature and friendly.

If you want to join us or even raid with us (more info in the Forum) and you think that you will be beneficial for the guild in any way, feel free to apply to guild via application.


Let`s see what others think of us...

"ORRGRRHH" ... Garrosh Hellscream <Warchief>


"KEK" ... King Varian Wrynn <King of Stormwind>


"If I tell you, it will shift the time line." ... Chromie <Ambassador of the Bronze Dragonflight>


 "Although I'm immortal, when I saw them invading my realm again, it almost killed me..." ... Ragnaros  <The Firelord>